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 Sunday, 14 November 2010 – Written by Giovanni Bert   

- Understanding the emergence of new industries

(Collegio Carlo Alberto, October 7th and 8th)


- The Organisation, Economics and Policy of Scientific Research

(Collegio Carlo Alberto, April 23-24, 2010)

The Organisation, Economics and Policy of Scientific Research


(University of Torino – Collegio Carlo Alberto)



Collegio Carlo Alberto, Via Real Collegio 30, Moncalieri, Torino.

April 23-24, 2008


April 23


(day 1) - Morning



8:50  Welcome to Collegio Carlo Alberto: Pietro Garibaldi

Welcome to BRICK: Cristiano Antonelli

9:00 Introduction: Aldo Geuna

Section 1 9:15 – 11:15

9:15 Cornelia Meissner

Can Industry Collaboration Change the Face of Science? Evidence from a Longitudinal


9:45 Jacques Mairesse  and Michele Pezzoni

Prima‐facie Evidence On The Importance Of Collaboration In Scientific Research: Are Italian

Physicists More Productive Than French Physicists?

10:05 Claire Bonnard

The access of the young graduates in Sciences into R&D profession: A switching model

treatment for the French case

10:25 Discussant: Reinhilde Veugelers

11:15 - 11:30  COFFEE BREAK

Section 2  11:30 – 13:15

11:30 Amy M. Pienta, George Alter and Jared Lyle

The Enduring Value of Social Science Research: The Use and Reuse of Primary Research   


11:50 Paul David and Andrea Pozzi

Scientific misconduct: What is there to worry about, and how much?

12:10 Sotaro Shibayama

Conflict of academic entrepreneurship and academic cooperation, and transition of

underlying scientific norms

12:30 Discussant: Cristiano Antonelli

13:15 – 14:00 LUNCH

April 23


(day 1) – Afternoon

COST-STRIKE Section 3  14:00 – 15:45

14:00 Jakob Edler, Heide Fier and Christoph Grimpe

International Scientist Mobility and the Locus of Knowledge and Technology Transfer

14:20 Francesco Lissoni, Fabio Montobbio and Raffaello Seri

The impact of university patents in Europe

14:40 Hussler Caroline and Julien Pénin

The determinants of scientific research agenda: Why do academic inventors choose to perform

patentable versus non-patentable research?

15:00 Discussant: Michele Cincera

15:45 – 16:00  COFFEE BREAK

COST-STRIKE Section 4 16:00 – 18:00  

16:00 Haniyeh Seyed Rasol

Who get public contractual funding ?

16:20 Mathieu Azèle

Top academic fundraisers of business funding: who are they? Which are their winning


16:40 Patrick Gaule and Mario Piacentini

Chinese graduate students and US scientific productivity: Evidence from chemistry

17:00 Discussant: Federica Rossi


20:00  DINNER

April 24


(day 2)  – Morning



Section 5  9:00 – 10:45

9:00 Thomas Astebro and Navid Bazzazian

Universities, Entrepreneurship and Local Economic Development

9:20 Joaquín M. Azagra-Caro, Dimitrios Pontikakisa and Attila Varga

Absorptive capacity and the delocalisation of university-industry interaction

9:40 Teodora Diana Corsatea

Measuring science. Spatial investigation of academic opportunities in Belgium

10:00 Discussant: Aldo Geuna

10:45-11:00 COFFEE BREAK

Section 6  11:00 – 13:15

11:00 John Walsh and Sadao Nagaoka

Open Innovation and Patent Value in the US and Japan: Evidence from the RIETI-Georgia

Tech Inventor Survey

11:20 Martin Kenney

The Selling of the 1980 Bayh-Dole Act as Necessary for Entrepreneurial Technology

Transfer:  Inadequate Theoretical Foundations and Contradictory Evidence

11:40 Margaret M. Clements

Science Policy and the (Re) Organization of Science: Collaboration, Diffusion, Impact and

Growth in University Inventors

12:00 Jerry Thursby and Marie Thursby

Faculty Participation in Licensing: Implications for Research

12:20 Discussant: Grazie Cecere and Francesco Quatraro

13:15 – 14:00 LUNCH


April 24

(day 2)  – Afternoon

Section 7 14:00 – 16:15

14:00 Maarja Beerkens

Market competition and concentration in academic research

14:20 Henry Sauermann and Paula E. Stephan

Twins or Strangers?  Differences and Similarities Between Industrial and Academic Science

14:40 Nicolas Carayol and Agenor Lahatte

Dominance relations and universities ranking

15:00 Alessandro Muscio, Davide Quaglione and Giovanna Vallanti

Does government research funding to universities substitutes, complements or leverages

industrial funding?

15:20 Discussant: Alessandra Colombelli and Chiara Franzoni

16:15  Conclusions: Aldo Geuna

16:30 BUS BACK TO TORINO TOWN CENTRE (Piazza Vittorio Veneto)

Instructions to Presenters and Discussants:

Sessions with 3 papers: presenter has 20 minutes. Discussant has 30 minutes, 15 minutes discussion.

Sessions with 4 papers: presenter has 20 minutes. Discussant has 40 minutes, 15 minutes discussion.

The Room will be equipped with a laptop and a standard video-projector. Presenters, please have your

presentation ready on a USB memory card.

BRICK-DIME-STRIKE Workshop Participants:

Cristiano Antonelli Università di Torino and BRICK

Joaquin M.Azagra-Caro IPTS-European Commission and CSIC

Mathieu Azèle Université Libre de Bruxelles

Maarja Beerkens CHEPS-University of Twente

Claire Bonnard University of Burgundy

Nicolas Carayol  Université Montesquieu, Bordeaux IV

Grazie Cecere University of Paris

Michele Cincera Department of Applied Economics - Université Libre de Bruxelles

Margaret M. Clements School of Library and Information Science, Indiana University

Alessandra Colombelli CRENoS, University of Cagliari and University of Lyon II Lumiere and BRICK

Teodora Diana Corsatea EQUIPPE-Universités de Lille

Paul David  Ecole Polytechnique and Telecom Paris Tech and Stanford University

Chiara Franzoni Politecnico di Torino

Patrick Gaule Sloan School of Management, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Aldo Geuna Università di Torino and BRICK

Christopher Grimpe Copenhagen Business School

Martin Kenny Department of Human and Community Development - University of California

Francesco Lissoni Università di Brescia and KITeS/CESPRI

Alessandro Muscio DSEMS-Università di Foggia

Jacques Mairesse CREST-INSEE, Paris; UNU-MERIT, Maastricht University & ICER, Torino

Cornelia Meissner Department of Economics - CITY UNIVERSITY LONDON

Fabio Montobbio Department of Economics - Università dell'Insubria and KITeS/CESPRI

Julien Pénin Université de Strasbourg

Mario Piacentini OECD and Department of Economics, University of Geneva,

Amy M.Pienta  University of Michigan

Andrea Pozzi Einaudi Institute for Economics and Finance (EIEF)

Francesco Quatraro GREDEG-CNRS, University of Nice Sophia Antipolis and ICER and BRICK

Haniyeh Seyed Rasol BETA,Université de Strasbourg

Federica Rossi Università di Torino and Birkbeck College - University of London

Henry Sauermann  Georgia Institute of Technology - College of  Management

Sotaro Shibayama Georgia Institute of Technology - School of Public Policy

Marie Thursby Georgia Institute of Technology - College of  Management

Jerry Thursby  Georgia Institute of Technology - College of  Management

Reinhilde Veugelers Catholic University of Leuven and C.E.P.R. (London)

John  P. Walsh Georgia Institute of Technology - School of Public Policy
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