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 Thursday, 17 April 2014 – Written by Francesco Quatraro   

Rodrigo Kataishi: Phd Candidate of Vilfredo Pareto Doctorate Program. He carried his master and under-degree studies in Argentina, and worked as a researcher in University of General Sarmiento (UNGS - Buenos Aires). He was awarded with two CONICET Grants (Argentina), participated in multiple international research projects (as EULAKS in the VII Framework of EU, and the first Study on Software Industry in Argentina financed by the spanish foundation "FundaciĆ³n Carolina"). During his CONICET fellow he had an active role in the research of the interactions between University, government and firms at local and national levels. Regarding his publications, he participated on book chapters edited by FLACSO (Mexico) and CEPAL-ECLAC (United Nations), UNGS and the Argentinean Ministry of Labor, among others. Currently, he is involved in BRICK through Pieminv and SISOB projects as a research assistant. Regarding his research interests, his main topic is centered on Biased Technological Change and International Knowledge Spillovers, supervised by Prof. Cristiano Antonelli.

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