20 Dicembre 2019


University of Torino – Collegio Carlo Alberto

Seminars on the Economics of Innovation
(Convenor: Francesco Quatraro)

October  2019 – May 2020
For any change and updated version of the programme please check:  http://www.est.unito.it/do/home.pl/View?doc=Seminari_Economia_Innovazione.html
All seminars will start at 1:00 p.m., unless specified differently.

3 October 2019:
Giuseppe Attanasi, Université Cote d’Azur
Intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivators on creative collaboration: The effect of sharing rewards.
[Department of Economics and Statistics S. Cognetti de Martiis, Seminar Room]

22 October 2019:
Alba Marino, University of Bologna
Ties that bind: the role of ethnic inventors in multinational enterprises’ knowledge creation
[Collegio Carlo Alberto]

12 November 2019:
Alberto Marzucchi, SPRU-University of Sussex
[Collegio Carlo Alberto]

26 November 2019:
Dario Guarascio, INAPP and University of Rome Tre
Skill Gap, Mismatch, and the Dynamics of Italian Companies’ Productivity
[Collegio Carlo Alberto]

3 December 2019:
Claudia Ghisetti, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore
Design and innovation: Does the “green-matching” actually help?
[Collegio Carlo Alberto]

11 February 2020:
Sergio Petralia, London School of Economics
Disruptive Innovation and Inter-regional Inequality
[Collegio Carlo Alberto]

18 February 2020:
Ernest Migulelez, GREThA –Université de Bordeaux
[Collegio Carlo Alberto]

24 March 2020:
Stefano Bianchini, BETA –Université de Strasbourg
Deep Learning in Science
[Collegio Carlo Alberto]

31 March 2020:
Pere Arque-Castells, University of Groningen
Measuring the Private and Social Returns to R&D: Unintended Spillovers versus Technology Markets
[Collegio Carlo Alberto]

21 April 2020:
Elisa Operti, ESSEC Business School, Paris
[Collegio Carlo Alberto]

28 April 2020:
Claudio Fassio, University of Lund
Leaving the Multinational. The mobility of human capital from multinational entreprises to other types of firms
[Collegio Carlo Alberto]

5 May 2020:
Cinzia Daraio, University of Rome La Sapienza
A Framework for the Assessment and Consolidation of Productivity Stylized Facts
[Collegio Carlo Alberto]