25 Giugno 2020

Innovation and global challenges in an interconnected world: the role of local resources and socio-economic conditions

The project “Innovation and global challenges in an interconnected world: the role of local resources and socio-economic conditions” has been funded by the Ministry of University and Scientific Research within the context of the Research Project of Relevant National Interest (PRIN) 2017 call.

Partner institutions are:

  • The Italian National Research Council (CNR). PIs are Daniele Archibugi and Andrea Filippetti.
  • The University of Rome Tre. PIs are Valeria Costantini and Francesco Crespi.
  • University of Urbino Carlo Bo. PI is Giovanni Marin.
  • The University of Torino. Cristiano Antonelli is the scientific coordinator of the project. Co-PI is Francesco Quatraro.

Abstract of the project:

This project aims at analyzing the socio-economic impact of innovation and new technologies. We will articulate a conceptual framework linking innovation to major contemporary challenges, like climate change, environmental sustainability, structural change, social inclusion and resilience to macroeconomic shocks. We will stress the constraining role of local idiosyncratic conditions, both economic and institutional and technological, in the process of international diffusion and adoption of technological and non-technological innovations, and the consequent importance of the matching between knowledge from external sources and the contexts of application. Empirical analyses will focus on international cross-country and cross-regional comparisons, with a special attention to the differences between advanced and developing countries, and the prospects for these latter to benefit from international diffusion of knowledge. We will leverage a wide array of methodologies, ranging from in-depth case studies development, to econometric techniques, macroeconomic simulation tools and social network analysis. The ultimate objective is to develop a coherent and organic set of policy implications mixing development with environmental, regional and innovation policy instruments.

Start date: 29/04/2020

End date: 29/10/2023