27 Gennaio 2020

The Economics of Innovation and Productivity

This research focuses on the development of an integrated framework for understanding the dynamics of the generation, dissemination and exploitation of technological knowledge and its effects on the growth of companies, regions and countries. It involves the use of different methodological designs, ranging from network analysis to econometrics and clinical case studies, to accommodate the variety of issues under scrutiny and to combine theoretical contributions and supporting empirical analyses. It includes several principal research lines:

  • Knowledge structure and productivity growth
  • Generation and exploitation of technological change: Market value and total factor productivity
  • Biased technological change and total factor productivity based on country and regional European evidence.

The topics explored within this line of research include:

  1. Microeconomic analysis of the relationships between firm performance and human capital and technological knowledge.
  2. Investigation of the relationships between education, scientific and technological knowledge, and regional economic growth.
  3. Analysis of country and industry level productivity differentials among the industrialized countries and between industrialized and developing countries.

It is hoped that this research will result in an organic heuristic structure that explains the complex and composite nature of the economic transformations in advanced countries.